About Martyries Basic Question


Παλαιό Μέλος
A very beginners question

Why there are so many martyries
I mean the down part of all martyries
Like 4 Martyries: Delta Alfa Lamda and Tritis (for Diatonic Scale)

Why 4 ? I just think it will be enough only 1

What is the difference in function of this 4 diatonic martyries, so I can Undestand it Logicly

Also for other scales
As I am thninking it should be enough only 4 signs for all 4 scales
One for Diatonic, Enharmonic, Soft Chromatic and Hard Chromatic

Becouse the Upper part of martyries, ν π β γ δ κ ζ ν
Some are inverted, some have '
So I think it is enough to know where I am at the scale

Also in a book, I saw that this down part of martyries were added later

Thank you