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Παλιά 17-02-17, 06:06
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Gabriel Cremeens
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Προεπιλογή An exercise in [Plagal] 2nd Mode

I wrote this piece a few years ago as an exercise to show the similarities between the formulae of 2nd and Plagal 2nd Mode.

My inspiration came from the fact that some manuscripts ascribe this troparion (the Doxastikon of Small Vespers, as well as the Idiomelon after the Orthros Gospel) to the 2nd Mode, and others to the Plagal of the 2nd.

There are other possibilities for formulae, of course, but I wanted to choose those permutations what would be as close as possible in each mode, but would still allow the piece to stand on its own, regardless of which mode was chosen.

I hope it is interesting/helpful. Of course, it can (and should) be chanted on September 26th, for which it was written.

The mode, of course... will be up to the chanter.

In Christ,
Συνημμένα Αρχεία
Τύπος Αρχείου: pdf September 26 - Orthros Idiomelon.pdf (302,9 KB, 39 εμφανίσεις)
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