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Παλιά 29-06-16, 15:09
Emmanouil Giannopoulos Emmanouil Giannopoulos is offline
Emmanouil Giannopoulos
Εγγραφή: 22-03-2008
Περιοχή: Thessaloniki
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Προεπιλογή Postgraduate Interdepartmental Program

Starting from the academic year 2016-17, a new Postgraduate Interdepartmental Program under the title “Byzantine musical science and artistic creation” will be run by the School of Music Studies and the School of Theology of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. This Postgraduate Program has the duration of three semesters and addresses graduate students from Schools of Music Studies, Theology and other sciences, with knowledge of Byzantine Chant. It offers the possibility to gain and deepen specialized knowledge and skills in the field of Byzantine Music Studies, by way of a whole range of theoretical and practical courses, as well as a Forum for Byzantine Musicology organized for the students working on their dissertations. The courses focus on different themes (history, morphology and analysis, palaeography and codicology, editions, performance of Byzantine chant and choir, hymnography, liturgy, epistemological issues etc.) and reveal the Byzantine music as a cultural achievement of universal importance and influence.
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