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Εργαλεία Θεμάτων Τρόποι εμφάνισης
Παλιά 17-09-15, 11:13
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Gabriel Cremeens
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Προεπιλογή An article about the late Fr. Papayiannis

This was posted on the Greek side of the forum, but this article about Fr. Papayiannis - the well-known composer, liturgical scholar, and musicologist - is very inspiring and edifying. May God grant us to become like him.

In Christ,
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Παλιά 29-03-16, 20:29
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Παλαιό Μέλος
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What a true inspiration this priest was - I had known about his works since my friend Basil Crow had shared with me some of his works, and I had known that he had done extensive research into the Typikon of the Church.

As a somewhat young person in decent health, it's hard to imagine dealing with a debilitating condition like this and then getting back up and continuing to work as he did with such diligence. As Gabriel said - may we all strive to be like him.

If someone ever wanted to more elegantly typeset his books, that would certainly be yeoman's work.

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apostolos (30-03-16), domesticus (30-03-16), neoklis (31-03-16)
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