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Παλιά 22-05-10, 03:43
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Προεπιλογή Znamenny chant equivalent of kratema

This might be of limited interest to most, but, personal, I'm always interested to see comparisons and similarities between Byzantine chant and other forms of Orthodox chant such as Znamenny, etc.

Anyway: apparently, a long time ago, Znamenny chant had it's own equivalent to the Byzantine chant "kratema", i.e. "terirem", etc.

Here's what Nikita Simmons, a chant musicologist, had to say; he's discussing how Znamenny chant went through several reforms:

use of "anenaiki" and "khabuvoe penie" (nonsense syllables, equivalent to "teretismata" in Greek) was eliminated
Here's the link to the full article, but what I've written above is basically all he says about the subject.

The only other quote I've been able to find is as follows:

A final modification in the 1650's eliminated much of the complexity of the notational system and the use of Fity (long melismatic passages) and Anenaiki (nonsense syllables); this system is currently preserved by the majority of Old Believer communities.
Can be read in full here:

I came across this a while back, and recently found it again; I'm posting it here for those who might be interested. It's only mentioned "in passing", and is not a scholarly treatise on the subject itself. As I said, I just find it interesting.

Some other mentions of the subject can be found in von Gardner/Morosan's book Russian Church Singing: History from the Origins to the Mid-Seventeenth Century; see this link (let me know if it doesn't work: iki%22+chant&source=bl&ots=uSxHI-ufqM&sig=sv9kMU8gRmGUG4ElGFaZbXa-zj4&hl=en&ei=jzX3S8X2F8aqlAeg-OG_Cg&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=7&ved=0 CCMQ6AEwBg#v=onepage&q=%22anenaiki%22&f=false
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