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Εργαλεία Θεμάτων Τρόποι εμφάνισης
Παλιά 25-07-17, 13:09
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Εγγραφή: 15-12-2008
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Προεπιλογή 1987-2017: thirty (30) years since the repose of the ever memorable archon head chanter-leading cantor of the Great Church, Thrasyvoulos Stanitsas.


    Archon head chanter of the Great Church of Constantinople Thrasyvoulos Stanitsas was one of the most important performers and teachers of the ecclesiastical byzantine chanting music art in the 20th century.
    The chanting expression and style of the ever memorable archon was derived gloriously from his deep faith towards God, his reverence for the Most Holy Mother of God and certainly through his modest training in the imposing doric style of the patriarchal ‒written and oral‒ chanting tradition that he was taught in the Holy Patriarchal Church of the holy and great martyr George the trophy-bearer, in Constantinople.
    However, the greatest contribution of this great head chanter and leading cantor of the Great Church of Constantinople towards the ecclesiastical chanting tradition took place when by "divine intervention" he came to Greece and more particularly to the city of Athens, where ‒together with the rest of the [patriarchal] Constantinopolitan chanters‒ transplanted the patriarchal chanting ethos and style of Phanarion. The immense chanting activity and influence of the archon in Athens indisputably marked the beginning of the historical revival of the capital' s ecclesiastical chanting culture, which I would responsibly consider ‒and indeed is‒ an uttermost national benefaction.
    Archon head chanter Thrasyvoulos Stanitsas departed in the Lord on Tuesday the 18th of August 1987, feast day of Saints Florus and Laurus descended from Constantinople.
    May his memory be eternal and may God grant rest to the soul of His servant Thrasyvoulos and place him where the righteous abide.

    In honour and memory of the one of a kind archon, a chanting archive- recording is being published consisting of a fast tempo doxology in the 4th tone (legeton).

    Constantinos S. Skarmoutsos
Συνημμένα Αρχεία
Τύπος Αρχείου: mp3 Doxology in thw 4th tone (legeton) - Thrasyvoulos Stanitsas.mp3 (5,71 MB, 8 εμφανίσεις)

Τελευταία επεξεργασία από το χρήστη Σκαρμούτσος : 26-07-17 στις 12:55. Αιτία: correction.
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Εργαλεία Θεμάτων
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